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I'm Tiffany, a Vancouver-based product designer dedicated to crafting thoughtful, story-driven experiences that deliver business impact. 



Motivating online activists in supporting global movements & enacting real-world change.

FireScout is an app that tracks updates surrounding social issues around the world. It provides users with the resources to take real-world action.


Connecting first-year international students with peers over shared interests. 

uConnect helps students create and join activities with other first-year students. This is a product of a 4-day design sprint competition hosted by Brainstation & EY Design Studio. 


Zoom Mobile App Redesign

Enhancing the call task flow using a heuristic evaluation 

I evaluated the usability of Zoom’s mobile app using Nielsen Norman’s 10 usability heuristics & redesigned the screens of the Start a Call task with respect to Zoom’s existing design system.

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